Practical workshop

 There is a practical workshop to learn how to use the Animal Facility.

 Please email the workshop application to us. The researcher planning on using the facility should attend in person.
 The staff who oversee breeding management at Animal Facility will instruct researchers how to use the Animal Facility and the basic handing of the experimental animals.

 For first-time users of the Animal Facility, we recommend that you please join the workshop.


  1. How to use the Animal Facility
    • Principles
    • Procurement of animals/taking animals outside the facility
    • How to enter/exit the animal room
    • Bringing in equipment for experiments
  2. Animal care management and expenses
  3. Mouse propagation methods
  4. Miscellaneous


Interior of either Main Bldg. or New Bldg. (Map)

Date and time

Held as needed. Date and time will be listed in the reply to the application email.


Send an email to the address below listing the researcher(s) who will join the practical workshop, their department, and when they would prefer to begin.

Mail to:
Subject: Application for Understanding How to Use the Animal Facility Practical Workshop
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