The buildings of the Animal Facility

At the Animal Resources Development Research Facility, animals are cared for and managed at two buildings.
The Main Bldg. has 4 floors and the New Bldg. has 10 floors (floors 5 - 10). (Map)


Features of the two buildings are shown in the table below.

  Main Bldg. New Bldg.
Animal health management Yes
Animal care Yes
Animal care costs Animal care costs are different for each species (details)
Experimental animal species Handling of various experimental animal species (details) Mice only
Pathogenic microorganisms control Pathogenic microorganisms control for each species SPF
Facility details Animal care room
Operating room
(Analysis equipment, etc.)
Animal care room
Facility use registration (Only one allowed)
Use registration fee (flat rate)

In the Main Bldg., it is possible to keep a variety of animals and it is also possible to receive detailed advice from a veterinarian.
In the New Bldg. it is possible to acquire a large number of clean mice and several kinds of genetically modified mice from the Mice Bank.

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