Animal experimentation at Kumamoto University

 Kumamoto University researchers can use the animal facilities for animal experimentation by following the procedures below.

 Within the animal facilities, animals are managed by staff, allowing researchers to undertake animal experiments properly and promptly.


 Read and understand each topic below, and follow each procedure.
 For each topic, the necessary paperwork can be downloaded here (Internal University use only).

Rates: Payee
1: For animal experiments
Submit paperwork*
Submit paperwork
2: In order to use the facilities
Submit paperwork*
3: Understanding facility usage
3-1: How to use the facilities (Internal University use only)
Required: Animal procurement
4: Termination of animal experiments
Submit paperwork*
  4-2: Listing in the thesis      

1. For animal experiments: Finished → Able to perform animal experiments at Kumamoto University.
2. For facility use: Finished → Able to enter animal facilities
3. Understanding facility usage: Finished → Able to perform animal experiments at Animal Facilities

 *When using genetically modified animals, please complete the procedures necessary to perform gene recombination experiments. For details, see here.


  • Price model for general facility use (Internal University use only)


 In the case of admission of performing improper animal experiments or improper usage of animal facilities, some limits may be imposed.


 For advice concerning any aspect of animal experimentation, please contact:
 ->Contact List (Internal University use only)

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Animal experimentation at Kumamoto University
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Creation of genetically modified mice
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