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 Our Animal Facility began as a animal experiment facility affiliated with the School of Medicine, and after being integrated several times has consistently continued management and support of Kumamoto University animal experiments and also provides support for basic medical and life science research at Kumamoto University.

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 The Animal Facility undertakes management duties to ensure that animal experiments performed at Kumamoto University are performed properly and aims to support researchers carrying out animal experiments.


 The head of the Animal Facility is also the head of the Kumamoto University Animal Care and Use Committee and supervises and gives guidance for animal experiments performed at Kumamoto University. The committee reviews animal experimentation plans submitted by researchers and makes sure that the experiments are appropriate.

 Within the Animal Facility, researchers carrying out animal experiments are given guidance and assistance, and animals and the facility environment are managed.
 In regards to researchers, education lectures are held to help them understand animal experimentation laws and use of the Animal Facility. With regard to the animals, cages are replaced and animals are fed daily, and health checks are given regularly, as part of our system to keep animals in the best possible condition for use in research.

 Also, we provide genetically modified mice creation and storage as well as mice models for various diseases.

 Please see this organizational chart for a rough idea of our activities.


 See the Institute of Resource Development and Analysis activity report for reference.
 Refer to the section listed as "Activities of the animal resources development research facility."

 Please refer here for external evaluation, self-inspection, and business performance reports from the Animal Care and Use Committee.


 For the history of the Animal Facility, please refer here.

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