Storage of Media and Solutions in Ampoules Under Nitrogen Gas

Materials and Equipment

  1. Twin jet ampoule sealer (Adelphi Manufacturing, West Sussex, UK)
  2. Ampoule (sterilized via hot air sterilization (180℃, 3 hours))
  3. Medium
  4. Syringe and 18 gauge needle
  5. Forceps
  6. Nitrogen gas



  1. Open the gas cock and ignite the twin jet ampoule sealer.
  2. Adjust the flames of the twin jet ampoule sealer so that the flame burns blue.

Sealing Ampoules

  1. Add an appropriate amount of medium to each ampoule.
  2. Introduce nitrogen gas into one of the ampoules and immediately seal the tip of the ampoule using the flames of the twin jet ampoule sealer. Repeat for all the remaining ampoules.

[Filling Ampoules with Medium]

Update history

  1. Updated : 11 May, 2011