0.25M Sucrose

Reagent Name mg/100ml Vendor Catalog Number
NaCl 800.0 Sigma S-5886
KCl 20.0 Sigma P-5405
CaCl2 12.0 Sigma C 5670
KH2PO4 20.0 Sigma P5655
MgCl2 6H2O 10.0 Sigma M 2393
Na2HPO4 115.0 Sigma S 5136
Na-Pyruvate 3.6 Sigma P-4562
Glucose 100.0 Sigma G-6152
Penicillin 7.5 Sigma P-4687
Streptomycin 5.0 Sigma S-1277
BSA 300.0 Sigma A-4378

0.25M Sucrose in PB1
Reagent Name mg/20ml in PB1 Vendor Catalog Number
Sucrose 1711.5 Sigma S-1888


  1. Nakao K., Nakagata N., and Katsuki M. 1997. Simple and effcient vitrification procedure for cryopreservation of mouse embryos. Exp. Anim. 46(3): 231-234.