Reagent Name mg/100mL Vendor Catalog Number
NaCl 593.8 Sigma S5886
KCl 35.0 Sigma P5405
MgSO4 7H2O 4.9 Sigma M7774
KH2PO4 5.4 Sigma P5655
CaCl2 57.0 Sigma C5670
NaHCO3 210.0 Sigma S5761
Glucose 50.0 Sigma G6152
Na-lactate (mL)* 0.34 Sigma L7900
Na-Pyruvate 3.7 Sigma P4562
Penicillin G 7.5 Sigma P4687
Streptomycin 5.0 Sigma S1277
(Albumin, Bovine serum, Fraction V, Fatty Acid-Free)
0.5% phenol red (mL) 0.04 Sigma P0290
* Assay; 70%


  1. Kito S., Hayao T., Noguchi-Kawasaki Y., Ohta Y., Hideki U., and Tateno S. 2004. Improved in vitro fertilization and development by use of modified human tubal fluid and applicability of pronucleate embryos for cryopreservation by rapid freezing in inbred mice. Comp. Med. 54(5): 564-570.

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