2M DMSO, 1M Acetamide, 3M Propylene Glycol in PB1

Reagent Name mg/100mL Vendor Catalog Number
NaCl 800.0 Sigma S5886
KCl 20.0 Sigma P5405
CaCl2 12.0 Sigma C5670
KH2PO4 20.0 Sigma P5655
MgCl2 6H2O 10.0 Sigma M2393
Na2HPO4 115.0 Sigma S5136
Na-Pyruvate 3.6 Sigma P4562
Glucose 100.0 Sigma G6152
Penicillin 7.5 Sigma P4687
Streptomycin 5.0 Sigma S1277
BSA 300.0 Sigma A4378

DAP213 : Solution A and Solution B are first prepared and are each fully dissolved.
Equal volumes of A and B are then mixed to form DAP213.
Caution: The solution may become cloudy when DMSO is added.

Solution A
Reagent Name mL (Final volume 10mL) Vendor Catalog Number
PB1 2.3088 - -
DMSO 3.1252 Sigma D2650
Propylene glycol (PG) 4.556 Sigma P1009

Solution B
Reagent Name mg/10mL in PB1 Vendor Catalog Number
Acetamide (AA) 1181.4 Sigma A0500


  1. Nakao K., Nakagata N., and Katsuki M. 1997. Simple and effcient vitrification procedure for cryopreservation of mouse embryos. Exp. Anim. 46(3): 231-234.